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Youth Outreach

One area that drives our mission is our youth outreach.  TGS has partnered with numerous educational and youth organizations throughout the Tulsa area to provide a creative outlet particularly to underserved youth populations.  We have long relationships with Street School, Tulsa Met, Salvation Army Red Shield, and the Tulsa Dream Center to name a few.  The uniqueness of creating art from molten glass presents an opportunity for students to conquer a material that at first seems daunting.

​Glassblowing requires an individual to focus extensively on the work at hand, participate in a team dynamic, demonstrate effective communication skills with a variety of team members, follow directions, and, of course, find an outlet for creative expression that other mediums do not provide.  As Lorraine McReynolds stated, "Your program has changed lives."  To arrange a free class demonstration or bring in students for a glassblowing experience, call us at our main number to schedule and for pricing information.  School discounts are available. 

Glass in the Class

TGS offers Glass in the Class (GIC) a STEAM based curriculum for grades k – 8. GIC is a hands on, minds on curriculum aligned with today’s science standards. This interactive learning explores the science behind glass and its properties, color and the art of glassblowing. Students see the practical application of properties such as viscosity, glass transition temperatures, and light energy to name a few. Presented in the classroom, students are allowed time for design and execution of their experiments exploring the above properties, with the assistance of our instructors. If you are a elementary or middle school educator and interested in our STEAM outreach programs, Click Here for more info.  For more information about GIC offerings or if you are a high school teacher interested in our outreach programs, please contact us at our main number. Discounts are given for multiple bookings. Call today to schedule a visit to your class

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