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Summer Workshops

TGS is excited to host our third Summer Program in 2023. Our goal is to enrich our community by creating greater access to craft learning in the region by bringing internationally recognized artists to teach one week intensive workshops. Make the most of your summer in 2023 and come take a class at TGS. Applications for priority placement and scholarships will open in December.


Residency Program

This residency program invites the instructors who are teaching workshops at TGS to continue working in our studio for an additional three days following their workshop. Instructors are given full access to the studio and help from the TGS staff to create work and to continue the creative atmosphere by sharing their professional practice with the community. Students of the workshop are welcome to stay in Tulsa following their workshop and continue to learn by watching their instructor continue to work in a professional environment. 


2023 Summer Program

Session 1
DH McNabb

Workshop: May 18 - 24
Residency: May 25 - 27

Proficiencies in Design with Respect to Practice

Let us work out ideas and designs, both technically and conceptually.  We will learn through trial and error both as a gaffer and an assistant.  Along this time I will demonstrate techniques that are in my repertoire – blow throughs, stuff cups, incalmos, feet -  along with shape setups and executions –bowls to long necks.  The purpose is not what you can make at the end of this session but what you can make in a year or two years – how one week can help you explore the nuances of design and lend to clearer more overarching ideas.

Bring a sketch book, drawing tools, glass tools and will.  Other modes of learning such as a lecture or two as well as some focus on body movement may happen during this time.


Artist bio

Glass has been an educational journey both from an academic and a practical stand point.  The journey started academically in 1999 at Centre College and then continued with my MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012. Corning, Seattle, Prague, Lybster, Weil am Rhein, Murano, Nuutajärvi,  Istanbul, Toyama, Saint-louis les Bitche and Bergen are just a few of the places this material has taken me. Along the way, I have been fortunate to work, assist and collaborate with many artists who have helped me in the medium and in life in general.


Glassmaking is about collaboration…

Session 2
Jay Macdonell

Workshop: June18 - 24
Artist Residency: June 25 - 27

This may be a glass blowing class but design is all about ideas and will include discussions on all aspects and approaches of the design world. Cause and effect in the blowing process to breakdown linear material thinking. We will make mistakes faster and fail harder. We will then celebrate and dissect failure as a mechanism. Student ideas will become class demos. Our goal with this class is not to leave with finished objects but a pathway to exploration. 


Artist bio
Jay Macdonell balances personal explorations with working for various artists, designers and architects as a project manager, design consultant and gaffer. He has taught at Pilchuck Glass School, Urban Glass NY, Pittsburg Glass School, Espace Verre in Montreal and the Royal Copenhagen School of Art and Architecture on the island of Bornholm, Denmark. Jay was on the Glass Art Society board and currently serves on the board of directors of the Terminal City Glass Co-Operative and Berlin eV the first non-profit public access studio in Berlin Germany. He served as Pilchuck's Educational Coordinator and is now the Director of Material Exploration and Development at Bocci, a design and architecture firm based in Vancouver, Milan and Berlin. 

Session 3
Julia & Robin Rogers

Workshop: July 9 - 15
Artist Residency: July  16 - 18

Just Stop Turning

Dive into the world of glass sculpting and discover a different mode of working the material, where turning is abandoned for “flipping,” and you are freed from the constraint of a singular axis. Students will learn a variety of sculpting techniques to bring visions to life. Exercises in sketching will help us to “see” and “know” forms while working with the molten material. Expect to build a vocabulary of sculpting techniques including solid and blown (inside) sculpting, garage assembly, hot-torch use, and teamwork.  


Artist bio
Julia and Robin Rogers share a passion for sculpture and molten glass. After assisting each other for a decade, they decided to combine forces and create collaboratively. Ideas, techniques, and an array of materials are melded together to manifest their combined surreal vision into anthropomorphic explorations. Each of them holds an advanced degree in art and love’s teaching. Both artists work at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio where Robin is the Program Director and Julia is the Higher Education and Outreach Coordinator.

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