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V E T r i

V E T r i

VETri is a free program designed specifically for veterans, active duty military,  guards, and reserves. The class allows individuals to work with others who have shared similar experiences. Glassblowing incorporates the use of dangerous materials forcing mindfulness and attention to safety during the process of manipulating the molten glass. Team building and the use of life skills are also key elements of the program. Participants find a sense of community and camaraderie that may have been elusive upon their return home. The program starts with a 10-week beginner class. Throughout this course students will learn the basic skills and techniques of glassblowing by learning how to make basic forms such as cups and bowls. After completing the class students have the option to continue learning and practicing their skills in a rolling intermediate class. These courses are fast paced and fun allowing fellow service members to work together in a community. Veterans, Active Military, Reservists, and National Guard members are all welcome to participate in VETri!  Spaces are limited.

Applications are available online.

Beginner classes are offered on Tuesdays and Sundays. 
Intermediate Classes are offered on Thursdays and Sundays

For more information about VETri and scheduling please contact us at 918-582-4527 or

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