Glass in the Class

STEAM Outreach

Elementary and Middle School STEAM Outreach


1) Science of Light

a) Introduction to the Electromagnetic Spectrum: Through a series of inquiry experiments, we will learn about the electromagnetic spectrum, characteristics of waves -wavelength and frequency. Developing and running a series of experiments using prisms, hand held spectrometers and slinkys, we will model and explore this type of energy. Younger students will do experiments exploring how shadows are formed.

2) All The Colors of The Rainbow

a) Reflection and Refraction: We will explore how colors mix, how light is filtered and reflected off surfaces. We’ll also look at refraction vs reflection and determine the differences.

3) Eye Spy

a) We will explore how we perceive color, see how light sources affect color, and compare our color perception with other animals. We will also explore UV rays and explore methods which can be used to block these rays. Younger students will explore how colors mix and through a series of experiments learning what colors result from mixing of primary colors.

4) The Thick of Things

a) We will explore the concept of viscosity. Students will design an experiment to measure viscosities of common items and then postulate the viscosity of molten glass based on our learning. We will also identify variables and constants.

5) Do The Wave

We will explore the concept of light and sound waves. We’ll compare and contrast there similarities and differences. We will learn sound is made by something vibrating, and they can be loud or soft. We will also see that light can be blocked and it creates a shadow. We will experiment to see how we can use sound and light to communicate

Program Costs

Glass in the Class Outreach programs include an instructor and hands on inquiry kits. Programs are priced at $100.00/program, dropping to $75.00/program if you book more than one. In studio class demonstrations are available by appointment and are free of charge. Please contact us for pricing or booking of these programs

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