Glass Experience $35-60 (generally 30-40 minutes)

This provides an individual the opportunity experience molten glass and the use of tools to manipulate the glass. A flower($35), Paper weight($35), Ornament($45), or a Pumpkin($60) is created during this experience with assistance from the instructor/technician for gathering, reheating, etc.

Please call 918-582-4527 to schedule your glass experience.

Introduction to Glassblowing $95 (generally 1 ½ hours)

This class exposes the student to the sculpting of molten glass using a variety of tools. The student will create three items – a flower, paper weight, and an ornament. The instructor/technician does the gathering and assists with all aspects of the projects.

Beginning Glassblowing $400

This is a 6-week (total of 12 hours) course in which the student learns the basics of glassblowing. There is instruction and practice on gathering molten glass from the furnace, use of tools to manipulate the glass, blowing into the pipe to create a bubble within the glass, creation of puntis and transferring of pieces onto another pipe. The student will create multiple pieces ranging flowers to paperweights to vessels.

Intermediate Glassblowing $400

This is a six week course which follows the completion of the Beginning Class. The student will continue to hone skills learned in the beginning class and be exposed to advanced techniques. Multiple pieces will be created with a focus on sculpting and/or vessels.

Advanced Glassblowing $500

This is a six week course which is appropriate for students who have completed the Beginning and Intermediate classes successfully and is by instructor recommendation only. Students will learn advanced techniques and design concepts that relate to advanced glass art.

Private Lessons $60 per hour

Private lessons are available by appointment and instructor availability.

Studio rental $40 per hour

Individuals may rent bench time by appointment. Renters are required to provide own colored glass and assistant. TGS may provide an assistant for $10/hour with no less than 48 hours notice.

Classes may also be taken through Tulsa Community College.
Contact TCC for more information.